A premier in-home pet sitting service for Tarrytown, Rollingwood and West Lake Hills, in Austin, TX
A premier in-home pet sitting service for Tarrytown, Rollingwood and West Lake Hills, in Austin, TX

Services and Fees

In-Home Pet Sitting –

I have been pet-sitting in Westlake and Tarrytown for more than 15 years. Recently, we have moved from our Westlake residence to our South Austin property, which is on 3 acres, so we can host your dogs with plenty of outside space and indoor pampering. Because of our 15 year history in Westlake and Tarrytown, we provide complimentary pick up and drop off for our 78746 and 78703 clients. We decided to move from Westlake full time to our ranch so the dogs would have more space where they are loved, walked and exercised several times a day. I am extremely dedicated to taking care of animals and follow the owner’s instructions to the letter. I am very good with older or disabled pets and administering medications. I look forward to meeting your fur children!

The fee for this exceptional service is $50/per pet/per day

In-Home Pet Checks –

We provide exceptional in-home care for your pet(s) where they receive individual attention in a stress free home environment. There is no better secure and safe place for your pet than a home environment. We believe in-home pet care greatly reduces stress and anxiety for your pet(s). They receive personalized attention, maintain their diet, exercise and play routine. And, at home your pet’s exposure to illness is greatly reduced. Inclusive with each visit are daily walking, playtime routine, daily feeding, geriatric care, medication/injections, watering plants, checking mail and waste removal.
Our pet sitting service is premier and we only care for a minimal amount of pets so each pet receives personal individual and quality care.
*These services include; watering plants, check mail and newspaper, take in and out trash and alternate interior lights and blinds for security of your home.

The fee for In-Your-Home pet check is $50/visit

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